Adjustments in Life

Although we have wonderful and modern washing machines, they are operated by electricity.  We do appreciate this looking back to the days of the scrub boards. I think though that the inventions of the potable washing machines need to be improved in the area of allowing for the clothes to wring the water out.  Much of them only wash lightweight clothes, but have to hand wring and line dry.

Considering power outages and failure of washing appliances, it has become necessary to have a back up appliance for potable washing of clothes and one that can wring them too.  Some weeks ago, I had clothes in my washing machine and it conked out with a full load.  Oh, what a task that was—to wash every piece, put them into a basin to rinse, and then to hand wring them.  Handwringing was most tiring because it requires the art of wringing clothes by hand, twisting and turning them.  A couple of the pieces were jeans and that was hard to do.  Those pieces that can’t wring out well will take more time to dry, possibly days.

I cannot make the potable appliance I would like to have, however, I wish for one that can wash and wring the clothes.  I want to be prepared for power outages and appliance failures.  I grow up with wash pans and wash boards and without running water so I know how it is. I like some of the models but the proficiency of a complete wash in missing, such as wash, rinse, and wring. This might sound a little strange, but the commercial mop with the squeeze handle is a good idea for improvising for washing wringing clothes.  What is missing from that idea for washing clothes is the ability to wash independently, but it will squeeze the water out.  Maybe the inventors can work on this idea.  I might have to get one of them for outages in case of storms too because I need something that can wring the water out of the clothes, and properly!  After Hurricane Hugo the power was out for months, and I had to go to a water truck after the storm to fill up buckets to have water for bathing, cooking, and washing clothes.  My children were young too, so you could imagine how that was for keeping everyone clean.  The water truck wasn’t too close either but some yards away.  The greatest task was to wash clothes.

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