The Mind and Your Health

I believe that the mind has a strong effect on the physical health of the person.  If it is off balance, the body will not function as normal.  Forgetfulness sets in, and lack of interest in doing things. It takes strong will power to cope to help alleviate the stress it will cause.

I saw a movie one time where the husband had left the family.  The children were okay but the mother was so depressed that she stayed in bed without going out of the bedroom.  She definitely was sad and depressed because of her separation from her husband.  She lost weight, refused to socialize with the family or anyone and was literally feeling sick.

She finally had overcome it when another man started to talk with her and she made friends with him.  Until then, she even did not get dressed and have breakfast or lunch with her children.  After her friendship, she was again back to her normal self.

Here, resilience is the key.  How well are we to bounce back after a situation that made us so out of tune with things?

Simple coping skills:  Talk with others who can help with the problem; go to social events; chat with a friend; talk about your problem with family or close friends; get out of your bed every morning ; freshen up, and do something around the house or exercise; read; or do something on your computer. You would be amazed how this will work to help you feel right again.

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