What We Can Learn From Nature

The rain falls to the earth and moistens it. The grass, plants, and trees grow. It gives us water to use and helps to sustain life.  Then, we look forward for a clear sunny day!

What is the lesson here? As we adapt to living in this world, survival depends on everything that exists–the rain, the sunlight, the plants, the birds, the trees, and things below the earth such as the rocks and minerals to name a few.

As newborns, we need the nurturing from our parents to develop and to be trained according to culture. When we become more independent, we still need parents and those that play roles for us, such as the teachers, family, friends, and other leaders in our communities to help us to become more productive and responsible individuals.  This reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It builds a pyramid of the course of life. He proposed that the lower needs must be met before we can reach self-actualization needs, this is the point where complete independence is reached; that is the clear sunny day or the brightness in our lives.

See the source image

As we strive to attain new goals, I think that we may need to climb the pyramid again.  For example, physiological and safety needs will definitely be needed for our survival, but what if we must learn the Internet to be gainfully employed due to circumstances beyond our control or for upward mobility? Until we can acquire adequate training and confidence for those jobs , along with psychological needs, that goal might not be achieved to its fullest, thereby requiring us to rethink our self-fulfillment needs.

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