Praises and Blessings

Today Sunday, I’m thinking about what God has blessed me with. I was raised to believe that a God is a super being who watches over everyone, but prayer is necessary in order to reach this power. I imagine that it is that peaceful spirit within me that no one else can hear or see. It is that spirit that grants me wishes. I will call God “He” for this purpose. He is my company when there is none. He knows and guides me in the paths of goodness.

I don’t want to dwell on what I don’t have because that would only make me feel depressed. So I’m thankful and grateful to God for his mercy and grace. He forgives and blesses. As I aspire to achieve new things in life, He follows me throughout the way as long I believe through prayer that my goals are attainable. He is the hope in my life.

He gives me companionships and friends. I’m not alone in this world. As I was writing this post, thinking also that it is my birthday, the phone began to ring from family and friends sending birthday wishes, a way that God reminds us that we are not alone and He blesses us in many ways.

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