A Planned Career Shift

I ended up teaching students with special needs after obtaining my undergraduate degree in the Social Sciences. The job required me to obtain an additional 30 credits in Education, so I had to complete post-baccalaureate subjects in Education to hold the job at a highly qualified certified status. There was a great need for teaching in that area in my community so I went at it. My primary field of emphasis is Psychology and secondary Sociology but those fields are not listed on the degree, just Social Sciences. I was fully employed in the secretarial field before that time and had attended part-time because I had wanted to pursue social work or the mental health area to help people who might be experiencing those needs but my destiny drew me into teaching.

Ironically, during my studies I didn’t think that my degree will enable me to be an educator in Special Education. I had taken a course in Educational Psychology because I needed the credit and thought that it could be beneficial. One day my professor said to me, “So you are going to be a teacher.” I wondered why she said that to me, and lo and behold that is exactly what happened. Another area I never really envisioned was people who are affected by hoarding. I just find myself looking at those pictures on TV with engrossed attention and thinking about the mental aspects of it.

Anyway, I found out how my career fitted into Education because in teaching children with special needs, there were students with various psychological issues such as emotional disorders, attention deficit, and autism that impeded learning. Adults are not the only ones affected by mental health issues. So that is why I had to learn the teaching part also. I am now retired, and can say that our degrees can lead to other things not expected in life, but rewarding nonetheless. I had planned my career for a specific setting, but ended up in another.

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