Dreams of the Mind

What is a dream and how does it connect to the mind? For some of us, we may refer to the mind synonymously as the brain where we store information about our life and which makes it possible for us to dream.

I dream a lot, and these dream experiences seem as real as the physical world only to awaken and to find out that it was all a dream. This led me to review some theories on dreams that explain that they are gratifications of wishes or revelations according to Sigmund Freud and some others in the field of Psychology. I do believe that to some extent.

For example, some years ago I was so stressed wondering if I had passed a subject that I needed and that failure would be detrimental. Then, I dreamed that I had gotten my results and that I passed the class with a “C.” Well, when I got my grade report I had passed the class with a “C”. I would call this a revelation. In another dream, I was taken to another planet but in an aircraft. There were others too and I walked around to decide where I would build my home on that planet and I chose a spot near a rock. In reality, my home is built near a large rock.  It is possible that this dream was a fulfillment of my wishes.

The brain holds our memories, and it can create life-like dreams of familiar and unfamiliar things that only you can see and feel, and we do remember some of them. It can also reveal things to us and speaks with us when we think to ourselves. The brain can recreate from our old experiences and thoughts and can give us something new in a dream or in reality, and  these dreams although subconsciously, are our experiences too. The brain can enable you to do subconscious things or to experience a newness of life as it sends out its impulses.

To get an idea of this, think about a Sci-Fi movie that you might have watched where a device was attached to a person’s head and plugged into a TV screen that played a life-like experience of everything about you that is stored in your memory. Then, it is able to revise it and show you a modification of it. A dream is something like that, a real subconscious experience, but when in our conscious state it could be forgotten. A dream is in the metaphysical world created for you only.